Youngblood GrassFed Farm, L.L.C.

Welcome to Our Farm..........

          Youngblood GrassFed Farm is a small, sustainable farm focusing on feeding ourselves well, healing and nourishing the land and teaching others to do the same.  We are committed to the knowledge of sustainable farming, improving our soils and our grass-based herds.  We raise 100% grass fed Red Devon and Devon cross beef cattle.  We have a small herd of A2/A2 Jersey girls.  Our Katahdin sheep round out the ruminant line-up with outstanding hardy genetics. 

Our gardens and orchards are evolving into a permaculture based management system.  Free from pesticides and herbicides, we nourish the soil be biodiverse cover crops and beneficial insects. 

We have added beekeeping to our growing farm.  Adding a few hives to provide nutrient dense honey has been the best addition yet.  

We have made many mistakes along the way, we wish to remedy that by connecting with like-minded farmers or dreamers and continue healing our land.







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